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How to Find Us

Sundgau kart and supermoto circuit is based in France, only 20km from Switzerland and Germany. The easiest way to get here is by car. GPS coordinates: 47.569997,7.352361

  • Motorway A 35 inch towards Mulhouse. 
  • 35 leave at the first exit.
  • Turn left and follow the D419 towards Altkirch 
  • After 15 km turn left towards Jettingen 
  • In Jettingen first left and then right towards Steinsoultz 
  • 200 m after the Windenhof (farm) left the site of the go-kart track


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The Race Track Layout

The purpose built 1400m Sundgau Kart and Supermoto Race Track is set in the countryside of Alsace region in France.

The track consists of long and fast straights, high speed corners, tricky hairpins and positive and negative camber. This is a race track to challenge the best racers out there.

Track Full Graphic
Corner 1

Follow Through

Straight off the long and very quick start / finish straight you head into the long and fast right hander. Once you've got your tyres up to temperature, this corner can generally be taken at full throttle. It's difficult to overtake on this corner but it is the perfect set up for challenging your rival racer into the next corner.

Corner 2

The Wave

Named The Wave simply because it is the silhouette of a breaking Ocean wave.

You'll arrive at this corner at one of the highest speeds you'll attain on the track so you have to pick your braking marker carefully. Start the corner with a late turn in and then cut back in towards the apex as you will need to set yourself up for the following tight left hander. You have to be aware if another kart is following you though as this is the perfect overtaking opportunity. You will need to be gentle with the throttle in order to not lose traction as you pass the second left hander and then it's an immediate full throttle right.

Corner 3


This is a relatively simple corner but it is important to take it correctly as it leads on to the uphill straight which is the second fastest part of the race track. If you get a bad exit and aren't quick enough on the power, then your fellow racers will speed past you on the straight. Stay close to the apex to avoid the bumps!

Corner 4

The Senna Virage

This is where the time is won and lost on the lap. It is also the place for a sneaky overtaking move or two.

The entry to the corner is quite fast but you have to be controlled as this is a very tight chicane! The kerbs are low you can just clip them with your tyre without losing speed or damaging the kart. The fun hairpin is postively cambered so you can carry more speed than you may think into the corner as grip level is increased. Ease yourself through the left-right-left and you've survived the Senna Virage!

Corner 5

Touch 'n Go

A downhill, negatively cambered left hand corner where it is very easy to slide wide of the apex and onto the exit kerb losing lots of time. This one is very difficult to get right but immensely satisying when you do. It is also a good overtaking opportunity on the exit of the corner as drivers have a tendency to go wide leaving you space to cut back up the inside! 

Corner 6

The U-Bend

The kerbs are very high so you have to be careful through the quick right-left. It's then hard on the brakes into a hairpin left. Try and get on the power as early as possible on the exit of the hairpin!

Corner 7


This corner is great fun. There is plenty of grip so you can carry good speed all the way round it. If you manage a good corner speed, you will be able to carry the speed all the way down the start-finish straight catching your rival racers as you do!

So there you have it! Why don't you come and visit us to test your skills and see if you can measure up to the challenge! Have fun!!